High Quality Mechnical Filter Housings Manufacturer

1. Material: SUS304 SUS316L Q235 A3 2. Design Pressure: 0.7Mpa 3. Finish: Lining/Epoxy/Polishing/Paint 4. Water Distributor type: Diving Helmet/Stainless Centre Type Technical Specifications:


Application : 1.NF, UF, RO, EdI Systems 2.Medicine injection, transfusion, eye drops, Chinese herbal medicine liquid filtration, extraction, purification and concentration of biological agents. 3.Electronic, microelectronics, semiconductor industry with high pure water pre filtration, terminal filtration 4.Oilfield reinjection water, boiler water supply, chemical reagents, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, concentrated medicine filtration 5.Drinking purified water, mineral water, fruit juice, tea drink, health drink filter 6.Wine, liquor, beer, wine and other Yellow Wine filtration, pure draft beer filtration (alternative pasteurization) 7.Production, domestic wastewater treatment and water recycling in the process of pretreatment and filtration 8.Other such as biological engineering, oil refining, printing and dyeing, textile industry, water supply and wastewater treatment, research and experimental filter, etc Packing : Warranty: 3 years Since the date of shipment. Warranty Terms 1. Under the terms of this warranty, if the product has a failure occurs under normal usage within warranty period, we will provide free maintenance service based on the proof-documents and invoice(copy) of failure product. 2. We will provide paid maintenance service by under conditions within warranty.
  • (1) Failure or damage due to force majeure.
  • (2) Failure or damage due to transport or unloading.
  • (3) Failure or damage due to incorrectly usage or fail to comply with the User’s Guide and Caution.
  • (4) Failure or damage due to demolition, repair, alteration without Manufacturer’s authorization.
3. Please deliver the failure product by original packing for maintenance service, we will not be responsible for any failure or damage in transportation if customer use non-original packing or improper packing.